The information on this site is not here to “fix” you. You are phenomenal. It is here to transform you. Or rather to give you the tools, the perspective, and the space to transform yourself into who you are and who you want to become.


You can have the perfect diet, the perfect workout, but if you don't love the person you see in the mirror and feel empowered by her then what's the point?! Here you'll find posts about building your headspace.


Health shouldn't be abstract or outsourced. It should be tangible and yours. This section is all about giving you the info & tools needed for you to have ownership of your health.


Food is all about connection. It is how we connect to our own body, but also how we connect to the people in our life. Here you'll find tons of Paleo recipes that will nourish and fuel you and all those at your table.
I had to seriously dig to find a picture of me without a shirt on for this because rarely will you find me without a shirt. I'm uncomfortable without one. I can count on one hand the amounts of times I've worked out without one. But it seemed fitting and necessary to for this post to be just me. To show all the pieces of myself that I may not love, but am I love with.

To Love vs. Be in Love with Your Body.

Is there a difference between loving your body and being in love with your body? We are presented with this notion that we need to love ourselves. That our love must exist as this unquestionable force of worship. One that sustains and thus bestows wholeness upon us. This approach has always felt flat to me. […]

Titties & Trust: Can the Way We Think Change Our Bodies?

I was looking at myself in the mirror the other night. Apparently I’ve been doing this a lot lately. And I have been. I’ve been doing it a lot because I’m uncomfortable and curious and excited all at once. A perfect, and very me, trifecta of feelings centered in oh so many questions…. What happens […]


Faking it.

Me – circa 2012. Faking it like a boss. I look in the mirror every single morning. I don’t just glance in the mirror as a casual hello to the vessel that transports me through this life. I scrutinize. I evaluate. I designate worth. This is something I’ve done for as long as I can […]

How is it we stop trusting ourselves?

How is it we stop trusting ourselves? How is it we stop trusting that intuitive tug that pulls at us to change course? How is it we stop trusting that we have the capacity to feed our bodies without the presence of scales and dogma? How is it we stop trusting that we deserve to […]

Broken Things, Midnight Reflections & Sweet Action.

We are gifted brief moments of clarity. Those instances in which you see through the clutter that has accumulated over many years of believing ourselves to be one way, one person. Mine usually occur late at night, alone in my bathroom. I look in my mirror and I see, I know for a moment that […]

Let’s get intimate: going all the way with your food. 

Life is one beautiful mess of relationships. We can classify them. We can put them in quotes. We can add that extra long, extra inquisitive inflection at the end, but are we in a relationshiiiip? Some are transitory. Some are so interwoven into our fabric we can forget that we are separate from them. We […]

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