The information on this site is not here to “fix” you. You are phenomenal. It is here to transform you. Or rather to give you the tools, the perspective, and the space to transform yourself into who you are and who you want to become.


You can have the perfect diet, the perfect workout, but if you don't love the person you see in the mirror and feel empowered by her then what's the point?! Here you'll find posts about building your headspace.


Health shouldn't be abstract or outsourced. It should be tangible and yours. This section is all about giving you the info & tools needed for you to have ownership of your health.


Food is all about connection. It is how we connect to our own body, but also how we connect to the people in our life. Here you'll find tons of Paleo recipes that will nourish and fuel you and all those at your table.
Strawberry Kale Salad

Strawberry Kale Salad

I have become a full-meal packing pro while on this elimination diet. And you know, it’s been easier than I thought it would be. I had all these awkward conversations and sad times – I wish I could eat that – moments stacked up in my head at the beginning of this experience, but none […]


Monday Musings: Happiness is a Bar Fight – Suit Up!

Monday Musings: Happiness is a Bar Fight – Suit Up! It is astoundingly easy to be sad.   Why is it at that moment when we must choose a path, the dark one often proves the path of least resistance?    There have been many points in my life in which sadness feels like a […]

slow cooker cumin chicken

Slow Cooker Cumin Chicken

Hour one of this strict elimination diet and I may or may not have cried silently to myself as I wandered through the aisles of Whole Foods. That happened. I’m pretty stellar at existing right around 80% Paleo without much effort, as I think most of us are who’ve been rocking a grain free existence […]

Monday musings: the hijacking of self worth

How do you determine your worth when it has been hijacked by someone else?I keep coming back to that question whenever it is I’ve been stomped on in this wild and crazy life. Well trained (and absolutely genuine) responses from everyone good and decent in your life are always, “it’s not personal,” “you’re great,” “you’re […]

caramelized acorn squash

Caramelized Acorn Squash

There are some moments when I forget how mind-blowing straight-up whole foods can be when removed from all the craziness of process and sugar. This is one of those times. Even in the Paleo-sphere when maple syrup and butter are available, naturally I’m going to put that business on acorn squash. Duh. But are they […]

Monday Musings: Be Unapologetic, Take 2

Part of living unapologetically absolutely has to to with refusing to back down to external forces. But that is the easy part. Where does the real challenge come in: you.  We are the only ones with the power to dictate an apology. That may seem obvious, but it’s far more comfortable to wrap up shame and discomfort […]

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