The information on this site is not here to “fix” you. You are phenomenal. It is here to transform you. Or rather to give you the tools, the perspective, and the space to transform yourself into who you are and who you want to become.


You can have the perfect diet, the perfect workout, but if you don't love the person you see in the mirror and feel empowered by her then what's the point?! Here you'll find posts about building your headspace.


Health shouldn't be abstract or outsourced. It should be tangible and yours. This section is all about giving you the info & tools needed for you to have ownership of your health.


Food is all about connection. It is how we connect to our own body, but also how we connect to the people in our life. Here you'll find tons of Paleo recipes that will nourish and fuel you and all those at your table.
Ginger Cacao Blueberry Smoothie

Ginger Cacao Blueberry Smoothie

Smoothies can be wonderful vehicles of all that is super. Also fact, they can total blood-sugar crash enablers. What identity your smoothies takes on is all about dose. And the company with which it holds in cup. If you rock a straight-up fruit smoothie with fruit juice that thing will rise (and then subsequently drop) […]

Sunberry Cups

Guest Post: Dark Chocolate Sunberry Cups

Thank you to Amelia Alpaugh Photography for this beautiful image! Love = ________ It’s right about now, in the single digit countdown to the big V-Day that we tend to forget just how many things can exist on the other side of that equals sign. Sure, it can mean a significant other wrapped up in […]


What’s the Deal with Cholesterol: Part 6

This post is part of a series on cholesterol and heart health. For a more complete picture, you may want to take a gander at the start of the series here, at part 1. We’ve spent this series unraveling the narrative that has been constructed against cholesterol. Not wanting to leave you with simply a […]


What’s the Deal with Cholesterol: Part 5

A Statin Side Note This post is part of a larger series on cholesterol and heart health. If you’d like to start at the beginning, take a gander at Part 1. One of the inherent problems of focusing on high cholesterol, a symptom, (and as we’ve discovered, depending on how that cholesterol is distributed, not […]

Beet Hummus

Paleo Beet Hummus

I’m going old-school: my most favorite new kitchen item is my apron. It’s freaking magical. Not only do I feel rather feminine, I also feel decidedly bad ass and exceptionally good at cooking. Magical powers that apron. Regardless of actual or perceived bad-assery, you may want an apron for this one. Beets are tricky little […]


Build a Balanced Plate in 3 Steps

Constructing a balanced plate can be a subtle and practiced art form, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be straightforward and headache-free! The trick is balance: from the food on your plate to your hormonal response. Our goal is to create sustainable energy without having to try so hard AND while enjoying our […]

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