The information on this site is not here to “fix” you. You are phenomenal. It is here to transform you. Or rather to give you the tools, the perspective, and the space to transform yourself into who you are and who you want to become.


You can have the perfect diet, the perfect workout, but if you don't love the person you see in the mirror and feel empowered by her then what's the point?! Here you'll find posts about building your headspace.


Health shouldn't be abstract or outsourced. It should be tangible and yours. This section is all about giving you the info & tools needed for you to have ownership of your health.


Food is all about connection. It is how we connect to our own body, but also how we connect to the people in our life. Here you'll find tons of Paleo recipes that will nourish and fuel you and all those at your table.

How do We Love?

As women we grow up with the notion that life will not necessarily be complete, but full, when we are two. That magnetism towards something greater than ourselves shifts but never dissipates completely. Even if we decide against those simple mathematics of fullness, we aren’t suddenly free of it’s weight. Instead, the decision to do […]


Our (Not So) Dirty, (Or) Little Secret

“Perhaps the greatest error is believing we’re alone.” – Tracy K. Smith Sometimes life seems to echo. There’s a vastness to it. You can feel the potential. The energy of your own words traveling back to you on vibrations you can’t see but that aren’t any less real in their invisibility. You become acutely aware […]

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Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

Why do we self-sabotage? Perhaps the better question is: how do we protect ourselves? How do we guard ourselves against the possibility of disappointment? Against the chance that we walk away rejected and they walk away disillusioned. That’s the tricky thing about sabotage. Who is it we’re trying to protect, exactly. Us or them? We […]


Is it Better to Love Too Much or Not Enough?

The new year has magical, rewind capabilities. Hit January 1st – ok fine, January 2nd (I spent all day on the 1st hopped up on caffeine, jet lag, and surprise New Years Eve escapades) – and the soundtrack of our life becomes the gentle whir of a backtracking VHS. Calming, familiar, but tinged with the […]

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January is a Bitch.

The delusion of expectation pulls us into the grandest of adventures. We imagine our three week trek across the globe to be the catalyst for great things. The magical force we’ve needed to both slow everything down, while at the same time driving inspiration into warp speed. Of course we will be a different human […]

Why We must be the Author & Editor of Our Lives.

I am not the lightest I’ve ever been. Nor am I the leanest. In fact, I’m in uncharted territory. There have been times in my life where I wore the label “thin” with a hesitant pride. And also when I could look down at my 6-ish pack at any point I felt ungrounded in my […]

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